Monday, January 30, 2012

Bailey / Three Months

Can you believe Bailey is 3 months old already?! I can't even begin to tell you what an honor it is to watch this amazing baby girl grow! She is seriously the sweetest & most cooperative little princess!

We had a few "magical" moments when Bailey fell asleep for a snuggle session with Mom & Dad.

Happy 3 months Miss B!

Lauryn & Grant

Don't turn your back for a second on this birthday boy! He is the ultimate monkey! Grant went from the floor to the tops of tables, toys, etc in a 0.0023 seconds. For a babe who JUST started walking... my jaw was on the floor.

Lauryn's personality matched her outfit perfectly. Spunky, colorful, and fun. And look at the adorable hair!!

I just love the colors in this session. Perfect way to "brighten" up this blah winter!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kris My Booty (Oh yes she does!!)

Kris "Kris My Booty" Horten, owner of The Booty Boutique in Selinsgrove has ENERGY. And tons of it! Kris makes working out fun, crazy, & inspiring! It's not a work out... it's a calorie burning epic dance session! With classes like Zumba, Zumba Toning, Pump n' Jump, Kickboxing, Booty Buffer, and coming VERY soon... The 1300 calorie an hour burn BOKWA & Bokwa for Kids! With a kickin' team offering Power Hour, Body Rock, Zumba Gold, V-Force, & Boot Camp there is more than enough Booty kickin' classes to choose from! Personal training and group personal training are also available (FYI Kris ROCKS as a personal trainer!!)

Join me (and the rest of the Booty shakers) this Saturday January 21st from 9am-11am for The Booty Boutique's Open House!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Eved & Leanne

Twenty three years ago I met Leanne in kindergarten (wow, if that doesn't seem like an eternity ago!) Who knew that fast forwarding twenty three years into the future I would receive an email from a friend from the past asking about wedding packages?!?! I was honored that Eved and Leanne chose me to capture one of the most important days of their lives. The three of us spent a very chilly Christmas Eve having a total blast with their engagement session. We were on a time crunch because the adorable couple lives all the way across the country (Washington!)

I can not wait to be there on your special day in September guys!

Baby Chelsea

What a joy it was to finally be able to meet this sweet little girl. Her Mom had her newborn portrait session all planned out since September. So when I got word that little Chelsea made her grand appearance I was extremely excited to capture her first professional portraits. As you can see, this beautiful little bundle of joy was wide awake for then ENTIRE session!

Now that you have had the opportunity to get to know a little about the girl behind the lens, I'd like to get to know a little about you. Comments, questions, and general chit chat are always welcome. Please enjoy the following photo shoot teasers of some pretty amazing people and beautiful subjects.

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