Thursday, October 25, 2012

More time please!

There needs to be more hours in the day... and more days in a week!

Here are a few more teasers from some of the latest sessions!!!



The "H" Family

I was first introduced to Michele after she won a session at a Mom's Night Out event held at our children's preschool.  I was told that she was the PERFECT person to have won this because her husband was to be deployed soon.  After almost a year of scheduling and conflicts with when everyone could be at the same place at the same time we FINALLY were able to get together for their family portraits.  I seriously had so much fun with these guys!  You really are not supposed to have "fun" at work... right?  I almost felt guilty when I came home because of how much I laughed with this gorgeous family!

Cooper & Jackson

One of my Fall Mini Sessions... two sweet and adorable little boys who had a blast (even in the cold) on the hay wagon!

Great job Cooper & Jackson!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

i Picture... Tabatha

For those of you who have been following me here and on Facebook you may have seen my posts about "i Picture hope."  This organization provides free portraiture to women battling or who have survived breast cancer.  While October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is in my heart to reach out year long to women who truly are the picture of hope.

This session was one that I have been beyond excited about.  Along with that excitement came the nerves!  I wanted to nail this session just the way I was picturing in my head.  I should know by now to throw those "ideas" right out the window.  While I did achieve my "picture"... I also learned so much more from this four generation of fantastic women!!  I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to capture Tabatha, her mother, daughter, and granddaughter. 

A little story behind the session...

In July of 2011 Tabatha found a lump in her left breast while performing a routine self breast exam.  Tabatha's family doctor sent her for an ultrasound at the Thyra M. Humphrey's Breast Center.  The lump that she found turned out to be a water filled cyst.  However, while being examined two other suspicious lumps were found.  They biopsied the two lumps and drained the cyst.  The biopsy results showed one of the lumps was cancerous.  In September of 2011 Tabatha underwent a lumpectomy.  Six weeks after her surgery she began radiation treatments.

Tabatha has been cancer-free for one year now.  The support of family and friends helped her get through one of the most difficult times in her life.  Tabatha's daughter, Jennyfer, was there for her through appointments helping her to laugh through the tears.  For these reasons I found it only fitting to include the lineage of strength behind this Picture of Hope.

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