Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miss Brinkley

Psst! I photographed a baby on the back of an RX-8!! Ok, now that I got that out of the way...

I can not believe it has been a week already since I had the pleasure of watching Brinkley come into this world! Let me say, before you scroll down to the teasers... to say this was a fun shoot is a huge understatement!! From the great props... to the very wonderful baby... I enjoyed every second of Brinkley's newborn session. Plus, her parents are pretty awesome as well!

It was a great pleasure working with you guys again... you have a truly gorgeous family! Thank you for choosing me to be a part of this special time in both of your lives.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5, 3, 1/2

This morning while half way through setup for another photo shoot my middle child, Landon, asked me: "We get our picture taken??" He sounded rather excited about the thought of this, so I asked him if it was something he'd like to do. Landon jumped for joy! Now wait a second. Landon. My redhead. My temper tantrum picture taking hating little boy WANTS me to take his picture. Wow. My heart stopped for a second.

The thought of him willingly letting me snap a few precious photos really had me excited. So I quickly decided THIS is the perfect opportunity for the boys 5 year, 3 year, and 6 month portraits (all falling in the month of June!). I had planned on an outdoor session in a few days (still planning on it!)... but the chance to snap a few today was perfect!

Shawn Fredrick
Age: 5yrs
Favorites: Sonic, Mario, The DS, The Wii, Shaun the Sheep, Super Heros, Animals, Reading, Racing, Swimming, & talking

Five years ago my world took a spin! I was blessed with a bouncing (& screaming) 8lb 14oz baby boy. No instruction manual. No previous experience with babies (or children for that matter!) We were doomed! Or so we thought! Shawn has shown us that is ok to make mistakes. That patience is something that really does grow over time. Love is unconditional... always... forever... Amen! Shawn showed us that he was going to stand out! Reading at a 3rd grade level at age 4... he shows us everyday how unbelievably bright he is! Shawn you started it all... my journey to motherhood. I love you, always.

Landon Scott
Age: 3yrs
Favorites: Mario, Batman, Superman, Cars, Diego, Surfing, Babies, Building, Play-do, Leapster, Balls

Three years ago a nurse exclaimed "Oh my goodness he has bright red hair!" That was it! Our world took another spin in the opposite direction! Landon has been a surprise to us all. From showing us just how different two children can be, to showing us just how hot that temper can really get. Landon has taught me to let go. Let go of the little things. Melt downs will happen. Days can have ups and downs and IT IS OK! He has shown me the true meaning of "sweetheart." With those big blue eyes and fire red hair, he is sure to be a heart breaker! Landon brightens our lives with his huge smile... and funny antics. This household truly never has a dull moment with this little guy around! Landon, I love you, always.

Liam Robert
Age: (almost) 6months
Favorites: Mommy, Daddy, Binky, Nanny, Mommy, Mommy, Binky, FOOD, Toes, Fingers, Blankies, FOOD, (did I mention Mommy?)

One week before Christmas when I least expected it our third son made his surprise debut a month early! With two big and late babies this was all new territory for us. Our little Liam came out so skinny he couldn't even keep his temperature up! With a few hospital trips here and there for various things Liam has shown me that life is full of unknowns! Who knew our little preemie would grow to be over 23lbs by 6 months of age!?!? Liam is a constant source of warmth, love, and that good ol' tingly feeling when you can't stop looking at his total cuteness! As the cuddliest baby of the three, I soak up every second of this mama's boy's snuggles! I love you chunk-a-monk! Always.

My three boys. My three loves.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Hoover's: Teaser 3

Ok, so I don't think I have ever done three teasers for one family shoot. But since I was asked so nicely, I'll throw up a third round for you guys!

Brinkley's Birth

Remember my give-a-way a few weeks ago? Well, I can safely say that I am the one who received something here. Dana & Jeremy invited me into their lives for a few short hours (maybe not so short for the Mom-to-be!)to witness a miraculous event... the birth of their 1st child! Words can not describe what it was like to be there through every push and every breath until little Miss Brinkley made her appearance. I am blessed beyond measure to have had the opportunity to be there by Mom's head and watch this beautiful baby girl take her 1st breaths and be welcomed into this world by so many who already love her.

Thank you Dana & Jeremy! This experience is something I will never forget and you will all hold a special place in my heart! Congrats you two!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Hoover's: Teaser 2

Here we go with more of this very wonderful family of five!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Hoover's: Teaser 1

Meet The Hoover's. Chrissy and I met while our sons were attending the same preschool... became friends... and our kiddos friends... the rest is history. You'll see in a second why I love this family... and I know you will too!

Now that you have had the opportunity to get to know a little about the girl behind the lens, I'd like to get to know a little about you. Comments, questions, and general chit chat are always welcome. Please enjoy the following photo shoot teasers of some pretty amazing people and beautiful subjects.

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