Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rawlings Christmas- Part 1

I debated, and debated, and struggled, and changed... (this isn't the sign of insanity is it?)

I went back and forth over whether or not to put the "haze" on these Christmas "trial" photos of the boys. I was throwing ideas around with their indoor shoot (outdoor to come later) and I just felt like I was in a fog over the whole thing. My children are the most complicated and difficult children in the world (at least my world) to photograph! I have parents who come to me apologizing in advance for their children. They warn me that their child is difficult and does not like their pictures taken. When we are through I let them in on my little secret. YOUR CHILD WILL ALWAYS BE AN ANGEL for the camera compared to attempting to photograph my three boys. I have yet to have a child as difficult as my redheaded hot temper three year old!

I love my boys more than life itself. They are my world. My moon. My stars. My sun (sons... hehe.) But some days I would like to just hand them off to another photographer for Christmas pictures.

Before I put my equipment away I remembered the adorable Christmas dress I got for our family dog, Gracie. Jon chuckles at me... "She'll be easier than the boys!"

I do not often admit it... but my husband was right!

My performer!

If he only knew how cute he really was... he'd beg to have his picture taken!

My chubs! The happiest baby on the block!

And then there's Gracie... our princess who doesn't like to go walking around in her "birthday suit." She really does like to play dress up!


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Elizabeth said...

Love the pictures- especially the one of Shawn with the frame & of Gracie. She looks great in her little outfit- but I do have to say... poor thing ;-)

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