Sunday, December 2, 2012

Merry Christmas, Sue Z Q!!!

What do you get for someone who has done so much for you? 

I had been thinking of this question for a few months now.  It had to be something extra special... something that would mean a lot to her.

A few years ago I met Sue when her son & his fiance hired me as their wedding photographer.  This wedding still goes down as one of my all time favorites.  There were fireworks, a beautiful fairytale setting, and a mother/son dance that brought me not only to tears (but turned me into a blubbering idiot!) 

Fast forward a few years and I approached Sue about becoming an assistant for weddings.  Something just clicked with us!  We had a blast this year at all of our weddings.  We made each other laugh... and everyone else laugh too!

So, what do you get for someone who has done so much for you?

I wanted to capture the most important people in her life.  Her two sons (Justin & Theron), her daughter (Kelsey) & her boyfriend (Caleb), her two daughter-in-laws (Caitlin & Heather), and her two grandsons (Brayden & Easton.)  Getting everyone together at the same place & time was interesting... but we worked it, thanks to Caitlin helping me to round everyone up.


You have been such a dear friend to me.  You not only laugh with me, but at me!  You are there not only to listen, but to give me a swift kick when I need it.  I look up to you as a mother to three fantastic children.  I can not thank you enough for everything you have done... you are a treasure, and I am blessed to call you my friend.  I love you, Sue Z Q!!!


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Sue Herbster said...

I can't thank you enough for this precious gift! I appreciate it more than you know. Love you too!

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