Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer update!

I know, I know.  Queen of the Horrible Bloggers Society here.  With Facebook being so easy and wonderful to load pictures too, I seem to post most of my "teaser" portraits over there. 

Summer is just flying by!  I hope you are all having a wonderful time doing what you love to do.  Summer has been busy with the "Summer Special" going on (see post below... it's TOO good to pass up!!!)

Without further ado... summertime memories!
  photo starscopy_zpsa233d61a.jpg
  photo IMG_3603_zps661cf125.jpg
  photo IMG_3521_zpsa5196015.jpg
  photo IMG_3517_zpsf916f738.jpg
  photo IMG_3589-2_zps1d578b8f.jpg
  photo IMG_3625_zpsc46f7ea8.jpg
  photo IMG_3926-2F_zpse7cc3eec.jpg
 photo liam_zps8b774549.jpg
 photo IMG_6926-2_zps94f2a12b.jpg
 photo IMG_6945_zps09169754.jpg
 photo IMG_6947_zpse76828c8.jpg
 photo IMG_7038_zpsac0698d3.jpg
 photo IMG_7084_zpse6e971d1.jpg
 photo IMG_7114_zps7030cb0a.jpg
 photo IMG_7143_zpsb3a06519.jpg
 photo IMG_7161_zps7c7d5758.jpg
 photo IMG_7210_zps04a1133a.jpg
 photo IMG_7219_zps21cbe1ad.jpg
 photo IMG_7232_zpsaac58e2b.jpg
 photo IMG_7317_zpsa283a010.jpg

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