Sunday, May 11, 2014

Highlights & Promises

Looking back at the last blog post's date, I felt saddened that I let this part of my photography career slide.  I have wonderful customers and followers!  Not only for them, but for myself, I need to get back on this blog track & update you all from here.  Not everyone has Facebook (where I do most of my updating)... this I have come to realize!

My promise is to pop in and update from time to time.  Rather than silently updating the website with new portraits, I will showcase my wonderful customers & friends here once again.

A few highlights from the fall/winter...

 photo IMG_0628-2_zpsbdf194b8.jpg  photo IMG_0823_zps0628d575.jpg  photo IMG_9466-2_zpse958717a.jpg  photo IMG_9479-3_zps43b70efb.jpg  photo IMG_9346_zpsbc773ab3.jpg  photo IMG_9439_zps22417232.jpg  photo IMG_3854_zps82e6407f.jpg  photo IMG_3644_zps6cafbaa5.jpg  photo IMG_3538_zps0819cc39.jpg  photo IMG_6084_zps013f1a9e.jpg  photo IMG_5098_zps4bdb44a1.jpg  photo IMG_6177_zps24234c32.jpg  photo IMG_4975_zpsce19b229.jpg  photo IMG_6121-2_zps2a24436f.jpg  photo IMG_4459-2_zpsebaa3d9a.jpg  photo IMG_9088_zps1a755e3b.jpg  photo IMG_9242_zps85ddb350.jpg  photo IMG_9260_zps176f9235.jpg  photo IMG_2560_zps16c1fd46.jpg  photo IMG_1956-2_zpsf5d23189.jpg  photo IMG_2165_zpsd84270f8.jpg
  photo IMG_0908-2_zpsc1e61020.jpg

 photo IMG_2087F_zpsec0feb51.jpg

 photo IMG_3056_zps1b7e98c3.jpg

 photo IMG_3176_zps532525b3.jpg

  photo IMG_1991_zps3f4081c3.jpg

  photo IMG_1990_zpsd0ad1d9b.jpg

  photo IMG_2161_zps3f9aa3e7.jpg

  photo IMG_2213_zpscba0f3c8.jpg

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