Friday, September 20, 2013

The "R" Family

Meet the "R" family!  You may remember the two kiddos from last fall.  That super cute baby boy with the bluest eyes (and the Halloween lights!)  Yeah... this is them!  I can not believe how much he has grown!  Their daughter had me giggling most of the evening.  She even hand picked some flowers for me.  What a sweetheart!

 It has been a great pleasure working with you guys.  You have an absolutely wonder family!
 photo IMG_8607_zps9e6e1c91.jpg
 photo IMG_8395_zps329b8d95.jpg
  photo IMG_8624_zpsd2c8c2bd.jpg
 photo IMG_8180_zpsd294d488.jpg
  photo IMG_8252_zps5590b7c4.jpg
 photo IMG_8195_zpsbb8a6cb6.jpg
  photo IMG_8440_zps10a98f80.jpg
  photo IMG_8463_zps67d60fac.jpg
  photo IMG_8503_zps9a4b82fb.jpg
  photo IMG_8448_zpsdcb841c5.jpg
  photo IMG_8482_zpsf0c88d48.jpg
 photo IMG_8203_zps74144911.jpg
 photo IMG_8259-4_zps56e2e91f.jpg
 photo IMG_8270_zpsdca03529.jpg
 photo IMG_8281_zps2cd5cd89.jpg
 photo IMG_8324_zps3b801444.jpg
 photo IMG_8334_zps8b1383e0.jpg
  photo IMG_8644_zps38d2d829.jpg

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