Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brinkley's Birth

Remember my give-a-way a few weeks ago? Well, I can safely say that I am the one who received something here. Dana & Jeremy invited me into their lives for a few short hours (maybe not so short for the Mom-to-be!)to witness a miraculous event... the birth of their 1st child! Words can not describe what it was like to be there through every push and every breath until little Miss Brinkley made her appearance. I am blessed beyond measure to have had the opportunity to be there by Mom's head and watch this beautiful baby girl take her 1st breaths and be welcomed into this world by so many who already love her.

Thank you Dana & Jeremy! This experience is something I will never forget and you will all hold a special place in my heart! Congrats you two!!


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures! I only wish you could've been there with me as Delilah & Tatum were born because being there when Shawn was born was amazing. I can only imagine how it felt being there after having your own children & to watch someone bring a new life in to their lives. Congrats to the parents!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos Ashley--congrats to the new parents!!

Dana and Jeremy Schieber said...

When a friend told me about the contest I was skeptical. I asked myself, "Do I really want a stranger in the delivery room at my most exposed moment?". So it took some thinking and it took us right until the very last minute to enter the contest. Boy, am I glad we did!! We won the amazing opportunity to have one in a lifetime pictures of our first born, the reactions on our faces when our little girl entered the world, and the whole hospital experience. Ashley not only took pictures but was there when I needed an extra hand to get me cold compresses and to hold my hair when I got sick. That night/morning I gained a new friend!! Ashley is an amazing photographer to say the least. She was very respectful and very professional in every aspect. I would highly recommend Ashley if you are having a child and would like to remember it for a lifetime!! This experience was amazing and the next child I would love for Ashley to be a part of it.
P.S. I cry every time I look at these pictures. Such a joyous experience.

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